Handmade wood and Metal Frame, Accent Wall, Farmhouse, Southern Decor, One Frame endless possibilities, A new twist on Home Decor,

Handmade wood and Metal Frame, Accent Wall, Farmhouse, Southern Decor, One Frame endless possibilities, A new twist on Home Decor,


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Accent Wall Farmhouse Décor, Southern Décor, This is our 11" Handmade wood and Metal Frame for Our Home Décor, Board Signs, Wedding Photos, Baby Photos, Family and Doggie Photos it is as we say endless. This is the coolest idea I have Ever Had; Now you can change your picture with the seasons, the trends or just because. This is the most versatile frame you will ever own, the pictures are only 5" square and only 1/8" thick so storing is a breeze and get this, the pictures are only $5.99 each. I can even take your photos and make pictures for your frame.No extra charge for custom work, just extra time for me to make them.

***PLEASE NOTE, ONLY OUR PICTURES WILL WORK IN OUR FRAMES, we use a special magnetic sheeting, that is what allows you to change them and store them so effectivly.
Our process and idea is protected by TM and Copyright

* This listing is for ONE (size Small) 11"x11" Metal and Wood Frame in your choice of Seven colors and three Finishes they are *Solid color *Antiqued, or * Distressed plus one picture of your choice.

***The Picture size for this frame is our Small 5" size. More are available in this shop under separate listings for $5.95

*** PLEASE DON'T FORGET to put what free 5" picture you want in the notes section of your order.

I am so proud of this idea, It is one of the coolest things on the market if I do say so myself :)

Have you ever thought? I really want this picture but, I have no room on my walls
Or do you like to stay on trend with the latest home décor?
Or I would love hang a holiday picture up but then I have to worry about where I’m going to store it all year?
Or do you have children? If so you know you get school pictures every year.
Or do you get family photos taken every year?
Or are you looking for the perfect personalized Gift?

***If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, that's why I developed "Simple Southern Grace Decor" I'm all about simple, easy and ease of storage.
Check this out, You Buy Only One Frame and simply change the photos / pictures, then store the pictures / photos to use over and over again.
Custom pictures of your children, family, dogs you get the drift are no extra charge just maybe a little time.
Thank You So Very Much,

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